Activist Celebrates Volta Regional NDC Chairman As A Servant Leader

An activist and political analyst, Comrade Kasu, has put pen to paper to eulogize the Volta Regional NDC chairman, Mr. Mawutor Agbavitor as the latter marks his 1st anniversary in the high office of a regional chairman.

Comrade Kasu is full of praise for the astute politician for his exceptional leadership qualities.

According to Comrade Kasu, Chairman Agbavitor “has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that he is is a servant leader”.

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Mawutor Agbavitor; an epitome of servant leadership.

In the view of the sages, power, position and top of the pyramid are not of interest to a servant leader. A servant leader’s success lies within the team’s success and happiness. When a team is united, focused and delivering results, it’s a clear indication of a leader in charge and providing guidance. Servant leaders do not Lord over their subordinates neither do they monopolize the spotlight; they rather show leadership in mentoring followers to become leaders.

Chairman Mawutor as I have come to know him doesn’t have  any easy option to achieving results. To him, it’s hard work and sacrifice or nothing else. His good decision to choose a difficult but dignified path of hard work, patience, sacrifice for party, and staying true to the party’s ideals of probity, accountability and social justice has earned him a lot of respect within and without the party in the region.

Having won the regional chairman position a year ago in an election considered to be highly competitive, Mawutor Agbavitor has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that he is a servant leader. I dare say his love for party, dedication to duty, and effective administration of the Volta NDC towards the achievement of shared aspirations make him a  chairman of purpose.

Indeed, “Wire” as he is affectionately called in the political circles had sparked and ignited a perpetual flame of transformation on his ascension to the privileged but troubled office of regional chairman.

Within Chairman Mawutor Agbavitor lies an untapped reservoir of knowledge, strategic reasoning and boundless potentials which every member of the party, particularly the youth need to take advantage of freely for their political development.

It’s important we recognize and celebrate  this great son and stalwart of our political tradition in the Volta Region because he illuminates NDC’s victory path in the Volta region.

To this end, I say this solidarity piece comes at a unique moment; the 1st anniversary celebration since mounting the hot seat as regional chairman. On this one year anniversary of the new regional leadership, I congratulate the regional chairman and to  also express my confidence  in him and his entire team as they take our great party, the NDC in Volta region to the crucial election of 2024.

Without doubt, I believe Mawutor Agbavitor’s wealth of experience accumulated over a political career dating back to the revolutionary days as a young activist, offers the Volta NDC significant assurance of a servant leader whose quest for power is in resonance with the rank and file of our great party.


Authored by: Comrade KASU.

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