Avatime and Tanyigbe Friendship: Osie Adza Tekpor VII and Togbe Kodi Adiko VI Renews Ancient Bond

The relationship between the people of Avatime and Tanyigbe dates back to history. According to history, the Avatimes, while on the way to their present day location, made a stop at the mountains of Tanyigbe-Atidze. Legend has it that while trying to prepare a meal for the royal family, suddenly, a stream of water begun oozing out of the cook place. This was believed to be a bad omen, and forced the Avatimes out away from their neighbours, the Tanyigbes. This ‘mystery stream’, which is a source of water for the people is now considered a sacred site.

To cement the friendship between the Avatimes and Tanyigbes, the paramount chief of Tanyigbe Traditional Area, Togbe Kodi Adiko VI  and his family, on September 4, 2023, paid a visit to the overlord of Avatime State, Osie Adza Tekpor VII.

According to Togbe Kodi, this friendship was rekindled by their predecessors, Togbe Kwasi Adiko V of Tanyigbe and Osie Adza Tekpor VI of Avatime before they embarked on their royal journeys to the ancestors.

Osie Adza Tekpor described the visit as ‘a memorable’ one and promised to also visit Tanyigbe soon.



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