Avatime-Dzogbefeme to Host Amufest 2023 Despite Initial Resistance From Some Youth

Plans are far advanced for this year’s Amu Festival to be hosted at Avatime Dzogbefeme.

The 2023 edition of the annual festival had a fierce resistance from some youth of Avatime-Dzogbefeme/Tonui some weeks ago and returned the ‘AMUFEST Flag’ to the Avatime Paramountcy saying they would not host the festival again , citing their displeasure over certain developments in the community.

However, the swift intervention of the Queen Mother of Avatime-Dzogbefeme, Mama Yaa Sewa and other elders of the community has calmed the situation.


Queen Mother Yaa Sewa, Anthonia K. Asare, Omanklado, Mack Asare,  leadership of Avatime Progressive Youths and elders from Avatime Dzogbefeme including the president of Avatime Youth, Mr. George Ofori and his executives who have been pushing behind the scene for the flag to be return to Avatime Dzogbefeme, went back to plead with the overlord of Avatime State, Osie Adza Tekpor VII, for forgiveness as the father of Avatime state, to allow the flag to be returned to Avatime Dzogbefeme /Tonui.

Lo and behold,  the overlord accepted the plea and granted the request.

Osie Adza Tekpor VII was very proud of the Queen mother and the leaders for pushing hard for the Amufest flag to be brought back to Avatime-Dzogbefeme.

Osie Adza Tekpor VII,  who is the paramount chief of Avatime Traditional Area,  used the opportunity to invite friends of Avatime, citizens home and abroad and all women who are getting ready to take part in ‘Kusakorkor’ to be home in November 2023 to make this year’s edition of Amufest another memorable one.  He also admonished the youth that his doors are always open for them to seek for clarification in case they do not understand something.


Ator Kepaa Kapesanitey loo




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