Two Rival Gates Fight Over A Successor To Akyem Foli Stool At Amedzofe In The Avatime Traditional Area

On Saturday 8th of July 2023, the people of Amedzofe in Avatime Traditional Area wake up to witness the swearing in of two Akyem Foli’s VI defying the early rains.

Two separate ceremonies took place and two chiefs went through the coronation under the same title name Okusie Akyem Foli VI, the Chief of Amedzofe and the  Right Wing of the Avatime Paramountcy from the Ayisalu Clan, the two gates namely Asamani and Dzokoto.

Okusie Akyem Foli VI outdoored by the Asamani’s gate is known in private  life as Mr. Kelvin Atikpui a Medical Doctor by profession and from the Dzokoto’s gate, Mr. Moses Agbesi who works with the Electricity Company of Ghana as an Electrical Engineer, all to ascend the throne after the demise of Okusie Akyem Foli V.

    Dr. Kelvin Atikpui
Mr. Moses Agbesi

Investigations by and the community members interviewed reveal that, the two gates were served with Police Injunction on Friday the 7th of July 2023 restraining the parties from the upcoming investiture.

Despite the Police coming in to ensure public order is not breached  and maintain peace treaty signed for the next six (6) months, both gates defiled the orders and went ahead with their respective traditional performances.

The Asamani’s investiture was witness at the forecourt of Akyem Foli V’s Palace while that of the  Dzokoto’s took place at the market square.

It is purported that ascending to the thrown is on rotational basis which moves from one gate to the other in that sequence after the demise of any Akyem Foli.

The endorsement of both chiefs were done through the various quarters whiles Dzokoto’s investiture was done and supported by part of Amedzofe chiefs, Asamani’s recognition was anchored in some chiefs from Amedzofe and Gbadzeme.

The concern of most citizens is, with such sharp divisiveness of the community, development is going to be affected and retard progress,  especially tourism which is the cash cow of the area. Security, culture and tradition, the tenets of eco tourism promotion are going to be highly affected.

As much as economic activities are going to be affected the community should not also lose sight of a protracted legal battles awaits the people of Amedzofe that does not auger well for the community and promote development.



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