Coronation Of Two Rival Chiefs In Avatime-Amedzofe: Avatime Traditional Council Issues Strong Statement

The Avatime Traditional Council has issued a press statement with regards to the swearing in of two Okusie Akyem Foli VI (title name of chief of Amedzofe and Right Wing of the Avatime Paramountcy), which took place on Saturday July 8, 2023.

The statement sighted by reads,


The Avatime Traditional Council has noted with deep concern, the recent installation and the performance of traditional and customary rites for two (2) rival chiefs from the same family and the widesp;-ead media circulation, broadcast and commentaries on the two (2) events in Avatime Amedzofe, which dabble as the right-wing division of the Avatime Traditional Council.

Much as the Avatime Traditional Council views these developments as unacceptable, coming at the time when all efforts are being geared towards the consolidating of efforts for the celebration of the Annual Avatime Mountain Brown Rice (Amu) Festival, in November, the Chiefs and people still believe that there is, still, a better way to resolve this tradition impasse through dialogue, negotiation and the adherence to traditional processes and procedures available in the 1992 Constitution, the Chieftaincy Act, Act 759 and the traditional and customary laws and processes in Avatime.

Avatime remains a unitary customary state with a strong and elaborate traditional procedures for the resolution of this unacceptable development and so calls on the two (2) brotherly families, from the same clan, to give peace, dialogue and understanding a chance. The Traditional Council wants to assure the families of its resolve to continue the processes already in place to find an amicable solution to this development.

The Council also assures all citizens of Avatime, home and abroad to remain calm and desist from making statements and commentaries that have the tendency of further perpet,uating this impasse. Friends, partners, tourists and admirers of the tourism products in the Avatime Traditional Area are encouraged to continue to patronise the tourism products, as these are NOT, at all, affected.

The Traditional Council wishes to congratulate the other chiefs and people of Avatime Amedzofe, the Ho West DISEC, the Chiefs and citizens of other Avatime towns for maintaining the situation and preventing it from escalating into a conflict. All should go about their normal business activities, without fear of any conflict whatsoever, because the Traditional Council is firmly on top of the issue and has the situation under control”


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