Akosombo Dam Spillage: Victims Benefit From Ibrahim Mahama’s Generosity

In a heartwarming act of generosity, the Chief Executive Officer of Engineers and Planners, and Dzata Cement, Ibrahim Mahama, has extended a helping hand to those affected by the recent flooding in the three Tongu districts, Keta, Anloga, and the Ketu South districts.

The floods, that swept through parts of the Volta region over the past few weeks as a result of the spillage of the Akosombo Dam, have caused considerable damage to properties while displacing thousands of residents.

Mr. Ibrahim Mahama, the brother of former President John Dramani Mahama, known widely for his dedication to social causes, made the donation on behalf of his company, Engineers and Planners, as part of their corporate social responsibility.

Speaking on the initiative at a durbar of chiefs and people of Mepe, Ibrahim Mahama expressed his concern for those who have suffered due to the floods and highlighted the need for immediate assistance.

He stated, “It is our responsibility as individuals and companies to assist our fellow citizens in times of distress. The floods have disrupted the lives of many, and I believe that together, we can help them rebuild and recover. Engineers and Planners is committed to contributing to this recovery effort.”

Mr. Mahama noted that the relief items are to commiserate with the people following the dam spillage. He also promised to help brilliant but needy students affected by the flood.

Receiving the items on behalf of the community, the DCE for North Tongu, Divine Osborn K. Fenu, thanked Mr. Mahama and his team for the massive donation. He said the donation has put smiles on the faces of the people living in the affected communities.

The donation by Ibrahim Mahama, combined with the resources and expertise of Engineers and Planners, is expected to significantly ease the suffering of those affected by the floods and help them rebuild their lives. The relief initiative is already in progress, and affected communities have welcomed the support with open arms.

Local leaders and government officials have commended Mr. Mahama’s generosity and his dedication to supporting communities in need.

According to them, his act of kindness serves as a reminder of the importance of corporate social responsibility and the potential impact that individuals and organizations can make in the lives of those facing adversity.

Ibrahim Mahama’s contribution to the flood relief efforts according to the residents is a shining example of how individuals and companies can play a pivotal role in rebuilding communities and providing much-needed assistance during times of crisis. It is expected that his efforts will inspire others to join in the collective endeavor to help Ghana’s flood-affected communities.

The MP for North Tongu, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, on behalf of the people thanked Mr. Mahama and his team for their support for the affected communities and assured him there would be equity in the distribution of the items to all the affected communities.

The Paramount Chief of Bator, Torgbega Patamia Dzekley VII, expressed gratitude to Mr. Mahama for coming to their aid at this crucial time. He said they were very excited about this massive donation from the business mogul. He said this will put smiles on the faces of those affected by the massive flooding.

Ibrahim Mahama’s donation is the biggest support yet from an individual or any institution to the displaced people some of whom are forced to lodge in schools, tents, churches, and mosques because their homes were massively flooded following the Akosombo Dam spillage.

The Dam spillage in Akosombo came with massive waters that quickly inundated communities around the Volta, stretching several kilometers. Its effect has been felt mostly in the North, Central, and South Tongu districts and the donation by the businessman will be distributed to the three affected constituencies and other adjoining communities.

The items donated include 20,000 bags of 5kg rice, 24,000 cans of Mackerel, 12,000 bottles of cooking oil, 400 packs of water, and 1,000 pieces of student mattresses.

  • Credit: Ivy Setordie

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